Trade Show Tips From Anders The Trade Show Infotainer

Some great trade show tips from Anders The Trade Show Infotainer. Here are a few clips from his exhibitor sales training DVD that were filmed at our Winnipeg location.

Picking Your Show – Trade Show Training

Booth Types – Trade Show Training

Booth Locations – Trade Show Training

Booth Design – Trade Show Training

Being Unique – Trade Show Training

Games and Contests – Trade Show Training

Why Exhibit – Trade Show Training

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A big THANK YOU to all who were able to attend this years’ Trade Show Training Seminar at Creative Displays’ Winnipeg Location

It was a tremendous success and we received many compliments on the Training Presentation from Anders the “Trade Show Infotainer”. All who attended had the opportunity to see some of the newest display products in the industry today. Take some time to visit Anders’ website www.tradeshowinfotainer.com to see more of what he can do for your exhibit program.

Click here to see photos from the seminar

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Before the Trade Show – Planning for Success

Before you start designing your display, preparing your collateral or training your staff, take a step back and consider your goals. Figuring out what you want to achieve will help you plan and prepare for a successful show.

First, why do want to participate in a trade show? There can be more than one reason – unveil a new product, increase brand awareness – but identifying your objectives will help to focus your efforts.

Some trade shows will be more suited to your purpose than others, so do some research. Select a trade show with the audience that you want to reach and with an objective that aligns with your goals.

Once you’ve chosen the right trade show for you, plan your budget and book your space. Learn all you can about the venue, and pick the best space for your goals that your budget will allow. Next, consider the conditions or your location. Is it a high traffic area? What companies are displaying in your vicinity? How is the lighting? Plan your display with these types of things in mind.

Also consider your audience. Whether you’ve chosen a show for retail buyers, wholesalers or people in your industry, plan your display accordingly as each group shops differently and has different needs.

Remember to notify your contacts of your participation in the show. Include the name and venue as well as your booth number. Try creating some anticipation by offering incentives or hinting an upcoming reveal.

Making decisions with these things in mind will focus your energies in achieving your true objectives.

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