Macdon Timeline

Joseph A. MacDonald is proudly displayed on this massive 15 x 30 foot banner at 680 Moray

MacDon welcomes some new and familiar faces to 680 Moray. Customer testimonials from around the world now greet visitors to MacDon’s impressive powder coat paint line. While over at the historical equipment display, Joseph A. MacDonald proudly looks over the plant that had its start as Killbery Industries Ltd. and has grown to what it is today through team work and dedication from everyone at MacDon.

The production of these new graphics now on display at 680 Moray is also a team effort. It started with MacDon’s own talented and creative Graphic Designers before being taken to Creative Display, a Winnipeg company, to produce and install the banners. The project was managed by Derek Pollock of Creative Display Ltd. who explained the process of building the large banners hanging in 680 Moray.

The large time-line banner is 15’ tall by 30’ wide and is printed on two – 3 meter wide banners which are “welded” together to make a nearly invisible seam in the center. It took Creative Display approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes to print the banner on their 3 meter wide printer. The edges are reinforced with a 2 inch nylon web attached to the perimeter of the banner allowing the banner to be stretched and then secured
to a wood frame that was installed on the wall.

Macdon Testimonials

Testimonials from satisfied MacDon owners from around the world.

The testimonial banners are 1 piece with pockets on the top and bottom to accommodate a length of metal conduit for hanging. Each banner took approximately 15 minutes to print and another 20 minutes to finish and prepare them for the hanging hardware. These banners demonstrate how pleased our customers are to be a part of the MacDon Family and how much they appreciate the hard work, commitment and talents of everyone here. Derek and the crew worked approximately 1.5 hours to install the testimonial banners and 2.5 hours for the large banner.

Derek also has a family connection of sorts to MacDon. In his spare time, Derek keeps himself busy with the Pollock Racing Team which is a marketing partner with MacDon and proudly features our logo on their racing cars. In true family fashion, the Pollock pit crew is made up entirely of Derek’s family members and his 18 year old daughter Taylor has begun her first year of racing!

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Trade Show Tips From Anders The Trade Show Infotainer

Some great trade show tips from Anders The Trade Show Infotainer. Here are a few clips from his exhibitor sales training DVD that were filmed at our Winnipeg location.

Picking Your Show – Trade Show Training

Booth Types – Trade Show Training

Booth Locations – Trade Show Training

Booth Design – Trade Show Training

Being Unique – Trade Show Training

Games and Contests – Trade Show Training

Why Exhibit – Trade Show Training

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A big THANK YOU to all who were able to attend this years’ Trade Show Training Seminar at Creative Displays’ Winnipeg Location

It was a tremendous success and we received many compliments on the Training Presentation from Anders the “Trade Show Infotainer”. All who attended had the opportunity to see some of the newest display products in the industry today. Take some time to visit Anders’ website www.tradeshowinfotainer.com to see more of what he can do for your exhibit program.

Click here to see photos from the seminar

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