Fabric Displays

Tensioned Fabric displays combine portability with a striking graphic presentation.
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QuickTube Lite Backlit Displays

Led lit - aluminum tubular frame covered with a printed backlit stretch fabric graphic. Easy to assemble - requires no tools!

The Revolution Backlit Displays

Bright & stunning, The Revolution’s silicone edged fabric graphic slides firmly into a lightweight collapsible frame.

Evolution Wall System

Create a custom booth of any size using a modular wall system. Combining lightweight aluminum framing with stunning fabric graphic inserts and/or overlays.

QuickTube Fabric Displays

Light & easy to assemble, this striking display is constructed with an aluminum tubular frame covered with a fabric graphic which all conveniently pack down into a carry bag.

OneStep Fabric Displays

Stunning fabric graphic which velcro attaches to a collapsible aluminum frame. Rapid setup & take down. Packs into a luggage sized bag

QuickTube Promo Fabric Displays

Constructed of an aluminum tubular frame, steel base and covered with a printed fabric graphic. All conveniently packs down into a box (carry bag available).

OneFit Fabric Displays

Lightweight tubular framed system with fabric wrap. Available in Vertical or Horizontal curve. Add lights, standoffs, shelves, monitors & more.

Telescopic Wall Fabric Displays

Telescopic Wall displays are adjustable, easy to set up and lightweight making them great for travel.