Trade Show Ceiling Treatments

Looking for something unique to attract attention to your exhibit? Ceiling Treaments are what your exhibit needs to stand above the crowd.

Ceiling Treatment Features

  • Lightweight aerospace aluminum frame
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Self locking stabilization pins with an easy thumb tab release
  • Custom shapes available
An example Ceiling Treatment

Ceiling Treatment Models

12' Tapered Ring Banner

Tapered Ring

  • 72"r x 42"h
  • Available for Rent
Floating Wave Banners

Floating Wave Banners

  • 96"w x 216"d x 31.5"h
  • Available for Rent
Floating Header Banner

Floating Header

  • 76.5"r x 40.5"h
  • Available for purchase only
Pinwheel Banner


  • 20"w x 48"h
  • Available for purchase only

Ceiling Treatment Design Ideas

Cropped image of a Custom Modular Display with Ceiling Banners

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